Spare Change

So a few weeks ago I read a bible scripture that really did change the way I seen the world around me and the way we handle our finance. This was a portion of scripture that I have heard, read, and even preached on dozens of times before.

It's this scripture found in Luke 16:10 NLT.

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.

When I read this all of a sudden I was so convicted about some areas in my life where I know I was not being faithful with the little things. I really thought up until this point that some stuff was just a waste of time or resources and because they were "little things" then it didn't really matter.

Now all of a sudden I'm like oh no these little things are important to God and I've been ignoring them. So I finally made a commitment and it was this...

"If it's important to God then it's going to be important to me"

Here is one example of how I began to practice this principle of being faithful with little. I was looking for ways to catch up on some bills and trying to squeeze money out of our budget to do so with not much forward progress. Then I realized I had "spare change" laying around my house in junk drawers and my cars cup holder and in a small jar on my dresser. It didnt add up to much but I collected all of it and put it in the jar anyway.

A few days later I started noticing discarded change on the ground and just about everywhere. I found change when walking to and from my car, at the grocery store, and in my washing machine, dryer and couch cushions. One morning on my way to church I actually seen $15 dollars blowing down the middle of the street. In about 2 weeks I collected and added to the jar over $50.00 in found money.

Maybe $50 bucks doesn't seem like very much money to you but it is to me, especially now that I know that God rewards those who are faithful with little. I also didn't have to work very hard for it just pick it up and put it in the jar.

The funny thing is that most of this money I already had in my posession, I just wasnt being a good steward of it.

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