Thinking of going to church?

Have you been thinking about going to church lately?
Believe it or not when asked most new visitors to church say they've been thinking about going for a long time. I always wonder what it was that finally gave them the courage to actually walk through the doors on that given Sunday.

What is it that is drawing you towards making that decision to start attending church? For me it was simply because a friend invited me. I had no interest in faith, God, church or spirituality I was only going because a friend asked me to.

Some people have experienced a tragedy and are searching for answers from God so they go to church to help find them. Church can't solve life's problems but the people who attend can help support you as you go through them.

There are also some who attended church when they were young and now that they have their own family they think it would be good to start bringing them to church. Bringing an entire family to church for the first time can be a huge step of faith but one that is well worth the effort.

Whatever it is that's moving you to start attending church I know it can be scary walking through those doors for the first time. As hard as it is to attend for the first time the second time can be just as difficult. A good first impression can be hard to make so try and cut the church a little bit of slack.

Most churches have social media accounts, websites with sermon videos, podcasts and church event pages, you can actually get to know the church you plan on visiting before you ever go for the first time. You may even find out that you have friends there already.

The average city or even small town usually has a few churches to choose from. There are no "perfect churches" but I am sure that you can find one that's best for you. I would start as close to home as possible then move out from there. If you have a short ride to church you're probably more likely to attend regularly.

Sunday is coming and we hope that this is the week you find a church that's right for you. If you need any help with finding the right church feel free to ask and we can help point you in the right direction.