The Unseen Miracles of God

Here is a question for you, do you believe in miracles?
A lot of people answer this question quickly with yes of course I believe in miracles, but there is a hard truth to realize about miracles and its this. It's easy to believe in miracles when things are going good, and in the same way, it's hard to believe in miracles when things are going really bad.

When you get a unexpected phone call delivering bad news, when a loved one is sick, when we lose a job, when our relationships are on the rocks, it can be difficult to see these situations changing for the better especially when it seems hopeless. Here is a scripture to focus on when things seem impossible to change.

Psalms 77:14 NIV
14. You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.
Reminding yourself that God is the God who performs miracles is one of the best things you can do when things seem impossible.

Did you know that some of Gods greatest work is done in secret? Our lives are filled with countless miracles of God that go unnoticed. God is constantly at work keeping us safe, he spares us heartache and delivers us from evil and we are mostly unaware of his activities.
Here is a bible account from one of Jesus's first recorded miracles found in John's gospel. In this miracle story Jesus turns water into wine that is so amazingly good, the host of the wedding party can't even believe his taste buds. A significant fact in this story is that the host has no clue where the wine came from, that it used to be water and that it was Jesus who performed a miracle. The only thing he knows is "this is the best wine I've ever tasted".
Read the scriptures here:

John 2:1‭-‬11 NIV

Now think about this, how many times could a really awesome situation or your best day ever be attributed to a miracle of God? Probably more times than we could ever imagine.

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